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Things That Go Boop in the Night (Part 1) by 90Sigma
by 90Sigma

I find this comic to be quite well done and thoroughly thought out as it gives a good idea, to the viewer, of what life might have been...

Gift -Warning Big file- by HowXu
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The devious plan of the child that cares for the one that takes care of them, always for mom. Found this comic quite enduring as I have...

'I don't want to leave my friends' by Neko-me
by Neko-me

I have to echo the sentiments of the other person and their critique, with it being best to put aside personal “fan driven, opinionated...

Pinkie Pie DOTA Gyrocopter by Yudhaikeledai

Definitely impressive the way everything flows together. The music adds a great soothing touch where it is a simple, yet unique animati...


Long story short, I have none.  I have no pride in what I do.  I have no pride in myself or my skill.  This stems from what I can believe to be my arrogance where I believed that I had the answers to the problems.  Those hurdles/challenges required effort, and I managed to make it through.

Now, as I look back at my downfall about 7+ years ago, I feel that I was arrogant.  I've all but given up hope on things as I try to find a job that will pay me minimum wage at best, or even $2.50 an hour if those still exist.

With all that aside, should a person have pride in themselves or their work?  Is pride like power, consuming the individual as they get a taste for it to the point that absolute power/pride corrupts absolutely?
Welp, turned 31 about 2 days ago.  Nothing much else to say there.  Otherwise, I'm hanging in there like always. 

With the recent crack downs on CR stuff, I'm rethinking my plans to make a music video on youtube.  Not to mention that I hate Google+ and refuse to make an account. 

I'll be looking over my stories here and posting them up later on when I feel they are ready.

I want to say thanks to the people out there for their kind words of wisdom, support, and the communities that I belong to on the big, vast, open area of cyberspace.  It makes dealing with things a little bit easier, and the world doesn't seem so empty. 
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Is it possible to write a 1st person introspection story where the entire story is just the character examining their life?

I'm looking to craft a story where the protagonist goes through a day where they question their life, living up to expectations of prominent family members, and the like. 

I do have concerns the protagonist will come off as whinny or a "woe is me" type of character.  The hope I have is careful tweaks to the story in order to negate this, at least to a certain degree.

Does anyone have thoughts/ideas on this? Or does anyone know of some website links I could check out?  There were some references online that gave me some thoughts, but nothing sparked my imagination.  

Also, does anyone have some notions on how I can negate the potential whinny character syndrome, the protagonist coming across as an anti-sue where everyone hates him? Others in the story don't hate him and truthfully accept him.  The protagonist tries to grapple with being an individual in his own right, and he also struggles with the notion of being smaller than those around him. 
Managed to snag a nice, shine, beautiful MSI laptop for a decent price, imho.  The only hitch was it didn't come with an AC adapter.  Long story short, I can't find the freaking thing.  From what the tech told me, the GT70 model needs a 19v 180w AC Adapter.  After that I need to install the OS.  Thankfully the laptop runs windows 7 vs windows 8.

Anyone know where I can score me an MSI GT70 180w power supply? I shopped around a bit and couldn't turn up much beyond Ebay or Amazon.  Only other place is the MSI website, which will cost me around $120.  


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